Rumor: Casio Exilim cameraphone coming to Verizon

Spyshots of a supposed Verizon-branded Casio Exilim camera-phone have surfaced on a Korean blog.  The images (posted by a random forum member) of this rumored clamshell device reveal that it will include a 5.1mp camera…and not much else.

Originally, Casio’s Exilim digicams were some of the slimmest snap-shooters around (see Exilim Card), bringing the “thin is in” fad from mobiles (a la RAZR) to digital point-and-shoot cameras.  Unfortunately, based on these spyshots, this apparent Verizon Exilim handset appears to have put on some extra holiday weight when compared with its more svelte Exilim ancestors or its newer Japanese brethren.

[via MobileBurn]