Yes Minister, I stole the Culture Secretary's Twitter account

As an after-thought to this weekend’s story about the UK’s Culture Secretary desire to regulate Web site content, compel sites to remove offensive material and strengthening Britain’s iron-fist libel laws online, I decided to claim his Twitter account.

Now, of course he could claim any other account and call it his own, but he won’t be able to get the name he is known by (“Andy Burnham”) because it’s in the hot little hands of a UK blogger who has the intention of educating him about the ways of the Internet – since he doesn’t seem to have quite picked up some of the essential truths that have been around since long before he became Culture Secretary.

However, the People’s Popular Front For Teaching Andy Burnham About The Internet (or “PPFFTABATI” for short) is not a violent group. We seek merely to re-educate the Minister in question.

As such, I will be using the account to follow some of the Web’s leading commentators in the UK, so that when he does want it back, it will be pre-packaged with people who can direct message him a few salient thoughts about the Web, at least before he makes policy on the hoof.

All suggestions about what to do with the account – until he notices it’s gone and asks politely for it back – are welcome in the comments below.

Update: Twitter nixed that account but we had @AndyBurnhamMP in reserve. Ready when you are Andy.