T-Mobile to gift G1 owners with extended batteries?

This one’s going to be shaky until T-Mobile makes an official statement or the first delivery is made, but it’s a nice enough idea that we figured it was worth a mention. GoogleAndBlog is reporting that T-Mobile is looking to pacify the complaints on the G1’s dismal battery by hooking up customers with a bigger, badder one.

Now, the only confirmation so far seems to be from a T-Mobile Customer Support rep. Normally we’d laugh such confirmation off; for details on new hardware or coming announcements, CS reps often just repeat slightly imaginative versions of what they’ve read on the blogs, or what their colleagues read on the blogs and regurgitated as gospel. That said, this sounds like something the Customer Service crews would be clued in on in advance, as a means of retaining customers seeking to return the G1 due to a lacking battery.

Of course, a couple hundred thousand batteries and all of the shipping involved wouldn’t come cheap, so we remain dubious on this one. If T-Mo does have something in the works involving complimentary extended batteries, we’d imagine that they’d hold off sending them out to anyone that doesn’t call in complaining.