Fotonauts Opens Up A Little More; Skip The 5,000-Long Waitlist

Paris, France based Fotonauts, which launched at TechCrunch50, had a strong showing at the Le Web conference earlier this month.

The company aims to be a sort of Wikipedia for photographs, letting users create and edit albums of events, things and places. Information from Google maps and Wikipedia is automatically added to the albums.

The attention to detail and design is what makes Fotonauts so awesome. Check out the customization options for the album embedded above, for example, here (try dragging the margins to make the embed larger or smaller). No wonder that the founding team is ex-Apple.

Fotonauts is still in private beta, with 5,000 people or so on the waiting list. But during Le Web anyone could sign up, and were encouraged to upload their photos from the event to the many albums that popped up.

The company also announced the hiring of a CEO – Gilles Samoun – at Le Web, and released a Windows version of its desktop software (previously it was Mac only).

If you’re dying to get in to the Fotonauts beta right now, send an email to The first 500 will get set up right away. Otherwise, sign up here and wait in line.