Think Tokyo Flash watches are too abstract? Think again


Sometimes I hear people complain about Tokyo Flash watches being too abstract and unreadable but I think this new watch from Japan sets the bar even higher.

The time on the so-called NOOKA YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE LIMITED MODEL is very hard to read. And that’s probably part of the big idea of the watch, which has been designed by Nooka in collaboration with the organizers of the Yokohama Triennale, an art exhibition.


The watch’s top row shows the hours from 1 to 6, the one below that displays 7-12, followed by minutes (1-59) and seconds (1-59). So in the picture above, it’s 10:31 and 33 seconds am. Or something like that.

Unfortunately, the watch is Japan-only (limited to 500 units, price: $230).

Via Gizmodo Japan