Holiday miracle! My Jabra BT530 survived a trip through the washing machine

headsetI have been using the Jabra BT530 ever since my review and have been meaning to post an updated article cause this little headset rocks. I initially labeled as just another headset, but the more I use it, the more I find that it’s a superior device. I love the headset even more after my wife found it survived a trip through the washing machine.

The story begins this morning when I searched all over trying to find the headset but I couldn’t find it anyway. So I pulled out another Jabra and was using that to listen to all the CES PR calls get. I was easily able to tune out the pitches as all I could think about was my lost headset. Then the wifey found it in the bottom of the washing machine.  I probably left the tiny headset in my jeans and sometime during the wash, it worked itself out of the pocket. 

But it survived. The headset is fine and I’m chalking this up to a holiday miracle.