Animoto On The iPhone: Trust Me, You Want It

Yeah, I gush about Animoto (and so do others). And I’ll keep on gushing because they are an example of a startup that just focuses like a laser on doing one thing well. In their case, it’s creating slideshows for users from their photos.

They just launched their iPhone application. Select 8-16 photos from your photo library, pick some music to play in the background, and it creates a slideshow for you on the fly. Watch it on your iPhone or email it to friends. I created one in just a few second with some photos I took today. It’s embedded below.

You don’t go through the hassle of creating a new account when you use Animoto on the iPhone. That’s great for new users, but existing Animoto users need a way to tie the two accounts together. They’re working on that, says CEO Brad Jefferson.

Why this is so great – you no longer have to wait until you get home and to your computer to create slide shows of the amazing pictures you take at a wedding, sports event, or whatever. Make it on the fly and then email it out to friends while you’re still there. I love it.

Get the application here (iTunes link). More information is here.

Now go create some content. Put a link to your shows in the comments below, I want to see them. Here’s mine: