2tweet: Broadcast Instant Media Galleries To Twitter Via Email

Following in the footsteps of services like Twitpic and Twitblogs, internet startup 2pad has launched 2tweet, a new service that allows you to Email any number of photos and videos to a designated Email address (twitter@2pad.com) to immediately generate a web gallery that is Tweeted to all of your followers. 2tweet will use the first 113 characters of the Email’s subject line to lead off the tweet, and will then append a link to your web gallery.

To begin using the service, you’ll need to confirm your account with 2tweet and enter your login credentials so that it can broadcast tweets on your behalf. After that, Emails sent the twitter@2pad.com will be automatically posted without any other actions needed. 2tweet is very similar to Posterous, a Y Combinator startup that just closed a $725,000 funding round.

2pad, the company that makes 2tweet, allows users to mine their Email boxes for pictures and videos and automatically generate web galleries with them (if you enter your login credentials, it can also monitor your incoming and outgoing messages for new media and automatically add it to the gallery).

The service is similar to Xoopit, a Firefox plugin that can scan your Gmail or Yahoo inbox for media (the service also offers its own standalone site). But 2pad has the advantage with compatibility, as it supports all IMAP Email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail.