Latest Roku Netflix Player firmware enables HD streaming


Since the Roku Netflix player was the first streaming Netflix device, it’s only fitting that it gains the latest goodie of HD streaming. The little box definitely has the horsepower to push the HD content, so all that was missing was the software to enable it. That, my friends, should automatically hit the devices over the next few weeks.

It seems the updates are going to roll out and self-install on the devices. This updates is, of course, free and will probably cause more than a few owners to dig their Roku box out of the random gadget box after being discarded cause the non-HD titles look like poo on a HDTV. Anyone have the update yet? Does it work well?


Press Release: Roku Digital Video Player Now Streaming HD Content From Netflix


SARATOGA, Calif. –(Business Wire)– Dec 22, 2008 Roku Inc., a leading innovator in digital media technology and maker of the popular Netflix Player by Roku, today announced it has released support for streaming high definition (HD) content. Through the use of advanced compression technology, Roku can deliver instant streaming of HD content over average consumer broadband connections – bringing HD to the mass market at an affordable price of just $99.

“Netflix is a pioneer in streaming HD content over the Internet and the results are impressive,” said Anthony Wood, founder & CEO of Roku. “Adding hundreds of HD titles to their catalog of more than 12,000 streaming titles provides tremendous value to Roku owners.”

Netflix, Inc. is the first content provider to deliver HD content to the Roku player. Additional providers of HD content are expected in the first quarter of 2009. The new software will be automatically delivered to all Roku players free-of-charge over the course of the next few weeks.

“No other HD device delivers as diverse a catalog of HD entertainment along with flexible HDTV connections and incomparable price-value as Roku,” says Richard Doherty, Research Director for The Envisioneering Group. “More and more HD video programming is instantly available, making Roku even more valuable over time than many expensive PVRs and leased services.”


Roku is a market leader in innovative applications for digital media. Through its work in both software and hardware, the company develops and sells consumer products and business solutions to bring rich media to the end user. Its products include: The Netflix Player by Roku, and the BrightSign digital signage controllers. Roku is privately held and based in Saratoga, Calif. For more information on the company and its products, visit: