Kodak taking cost cutting to the extreme

axeKodak must not be doing so well. As part of a cust cutting move, the company is eliminating a vital, but still annoying,  business tool. Free Coffee? Not yet. Elevators? Nope? Email? Nope, but getting closer.

Voicemail. The company is eliminating voicemail. Personal, I hate voicemail but I cannot see eliminating it from a major company. How much can a voicemail service actually cost? I guess enough to justify the cut.

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle,

The Rochester area’s third-largest employer plans to do away with its voicemail system. In a memo sent to employees this week, Kodak indicated it will flip the switch shutting off its employee voicemail on Dec. 31, as the company’s current voicemail contract expires.

Honestly though, if there was a way for me to cut voicemail out of my Verizon bill for some monthly savings, I would do it. I hate voicemail. If you get my voicemail when calling me, hang up and send me a txt message. Sounds like Kodak employees are going to have to employ a similar tactic expect with email instead.

via PDNPulse