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After a couple of episodes, it’s becoming clear that Techfluff.TV is in many respects the UK’s answer to Pop17 and RocketBoom. Every week TechFluff delves into the world of web-celebrities and tech startups, particularly the London scene right now, but increasingly across Europe (if the Le Web video is anything to go by). What’s fun about TechFluff is that it doesn’t take the industry too seriously (hence “fluff”, referring to the lighter side of things – honest). And host Hermoine Way has the hutspachutzpah” to go up to any Web player and ask them anything – including asking Michael Arrington where he’d like a Gaping Void cartoon drawn. The show comes out every week and is definitely worth catching. The second episode features an interview with TechCrunch UK’s Mike Butcher (me) and the latest one features our esteemed editor at Le Web. Let’s hope it goes daily some time. And while we’re on the lighter side, check out Paul Carr, increasingly the UK’s tech satirist.

  • Pavan K

    I have to admit Mike, you tricked me on a Sunday morning with that screen shot of Mike A. Kept clicking it to see the video, not clicking… on… that it was a screen shot. Love Simon WoodRoffe, great inspiration for someone who is real, and the kind of person you would love to do business with. Tech Fluff looks hilarious. Good luch Tech Fluff.

  • Pavan K

    PS – You asked me to remind you about the guy who had come back to the UK from Singapore, and wanted to work with ‘startups that want to change to world’. We lost his details, but he seemed very passionate, professional and the kind of mentor we are looking for to validate some plans. Thanks Mike.

  • Sam Tipper

    Good write-up Mike. Nice air guitar skills too. You can check them out in our latest episode, the Xmas special. It’s out on monday.

  • besidethat

    thats fun and cool to watch..

  • Shawn Farner

    Hermoine Way = insta-crush.

  • Dan Berg

    Mike, it’s “chutzpah.” You get points for trying though. heh.

  • Mike Butcher

    chutzpah?! – darn!

  • Hermione

    Thanks for this!

    We LOVE making and think the European tech scene is definitely in need of/can benefit greatly from some entertaining video reportage of the rapidly growing community.

    Weekly shows in 2009 and really want to get out into Europe, means permitting;)

  • Robin Blandford

    @hermione Good stuff – we’ll see you at FOWA Dublin then? Sure to be a party!


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  • hermioneway


    Would LOVE to go to FOWA…can you persuade Carson to give us press passes?

    Do you think the Irish MPs will blog about us like the English ones?

  • Jeremy Jacobs


    Love your bit about chutzpah but I bet Mike Butcher can’t pronounce it.

  • lastbossoftheinternet

    damn that host is hot. The video’s pacing was great and they had fun ways to present information. I wish techcruch takes some pointers from them.

  • Peter Urban

    That’s great fun. It’s a good mix on information and light hearted stuff. Look forward to more episodes.

  • Loic

    really really really cool

  • Art Thompson

    Paul Carr is increasingly the UK’s tech parasite, morelike. He is about as humorous as Himmler.

  • David Symons

    Great – looking forward to what comes out of London :)

  • Kürtçe Müzik

    Thanks for information

  • TV Star

    techfolk as celebrity? nastily incestuous. Hermione comes across a little gratingly, better production work would be good.

    The only people who will follow this are others in tech startups… no reason for this video series. Yawn.

    Only do video where there is somethig to add beyond text. No reason here. This will be deadpool within the year.

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