Extended 1400mAh G1 battery now shipping

BASI14TMG1-2T If you own the T-Mobile G1, you might find yourself longing for an extended battery to replace the included 1150mAh battery that comes with the phone. I recently picked up a 1200mAh battery off of eBay for $5.99 and, believe it or not, it actually feels like I’m getting a barely-noticeable increase in battery life – barely noticeable, but noticeable nonetheless (although, again, barely).

Well, while there have been promises of standard-sized G1 batteries that are able to pack in as much as 1400mAh, a substantial improvement over the standard battery, they’ve been slow to be released (if released at all).

I’ve been checking Seidio.com somewhat regularly to see when their version’s going to ship (it’s been saying Coming Soon for a while now) and I just noticed today that it’s shipping. I’m not sure how many days it’s been shipping because I haven’t checked in about a week but, hey, it’s there for $42.95 and ready to ship. I’ve purchased stuff from Seidio before and I can attest that it’s a legitimate store (and no, I don’t own stock, work for them, know them, think they’re cute, or play racquetball on the weekends with any of them).

I’ll pick one up and review it soon, so sit tight.

Innocell 1400mAh Extended Life Battery [Seidio]