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Just after this week’s TechCrunchTalk event we had pitch competition involving a range of startups from the UK, Germany and even Iceland. Hermoine Way from NewsPepper and was there to capture the action (apart from which has gone AWOL, but here are the slides):

CardCode (UK)

Rendezviewonline (Iceland)

Jupidi Date-Coach (Germany) (UK)

BookingBug (UK)

Worldeka (UK)

Soundcloud (Germany)

TechCrunch UK’s “The Tech Factor” Roundup

  • Ray

    Thanks for the great event Mike, Petra, and team. Too bad my pitch went AWOL, but the presentation is on my blog for those interested:

    – Ray

  • Mike Butcher

    Thanks Ray, I have updated the post. The video may just have not been uploaded yet – will find out.

    • Ray

      Perfect – thank you! If it’s located/uploaded, would be great to see!

  • Hunk

    ew… what happened to the audio track? Was it recorded in Disneyland? Mike and the pitchers sound like little mickey mice.

    I couldn’t watch more than 10 secs of the first video.

    (Please reduce the audio compression rate)

  • henrymack

    Enjoyed the event – especially Mike when you exposed anti PR Irish chap at the back of the room.


    […] can see the pitch videos in all their glory here on TechCrunch (and my photos of NewsPepper /’s  Hermoine Way filming them here). […]

  • BookingBug rocks at Techcrunch Talk « The Bookingbug Blog

    […] rest of the videos of the other 7 pitches can be found on Techcrunch here,  there were some great start-ups pitching at the event and well as some good panel […]

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