Scribd Raises $9 Million So You Can Continue To View PDFs Online

Y Combinator startup Scribd has raised its second big round of financing – $9 million from Charles River Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Kinsey Hills Group. That comes on top of a $3.7 million Series A round in the middle of 2007, plus some scattered angel investments.

Scribd is a site where users upload PDFs and office documents for online viewing and embedding. It has spawned a copycat, Docstoc, which has raised its own round of financing. Issuu is another similar service that recently announced a Series B round in funding of $5 million. We should also note that Google recently added a feature in Gmail that lets you view PDF files inside your browser.

You’d think these services wouldn’t be used much, but in fact they do well with search engines, and sites like ours love to embed uploaded documents. Compete shows Scribd at 4 million monthly U.S. visitors. Scribd reports 50,000 documents uploaded daily.

Scribd also hired George Consagra, the former COO of Bebo, as President. Legendary venture capitalist Bill Tai of Charles River Ventures will also join the board of Scribd.