budgie is an online retail/wholesale business located in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to selling really cheap electronic gadgets since 2003. Embarrassingly enough, I somehow managed to spend an entire hour there searching through tons of crap. This site has everything: breathalyzers, iPhone cases (for less than $2), universal power adapters, toys, keychain and USB gadgets, and hundreds of flash drives. Once I had 21 random items in my shopping cart, I realized it was time to stop browsing.

Things I got to play with:

-A credit card style USB flash memory drive stick. Fun to stick in my wallet, but I’ll probably never use it.


-Then there are the things you never thought of using, like this USB keyboard vacuum that cleans up all the dust and junk underneath your keyboard. I got sucked into getting this one.


-The 8-in-1 multi-screwdriver torch flashlight, a more practical item I got. It has every screwdriver I might need, even the tiny one used for eyeglasses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the flashlight to work. Even so, I’ll be holding onto this one for the screwdrivers.


-Mini USB 3D optical finger mouse. This one was cool to play with, but it got annoying after a few minutes. I’d consider using it regularly if it were wireless.


All in all, these are definitely some of the lowest-quality gadgets I’ve ever seen, but you get what you pay for. Some of this stuff is interesting and unique, but I can see these gadgets being pushed off the desk after a few weeks. I’d buy a few things to get as small fun gifts for friends, but that’s it. Fortunately, it’s the season for stocking stuffers, although you probably won’t get them to you in time.

There’s free shipping for all these gadgets, but you have the option to pay $2 for registered airmail to ensure your packages don’t get lost. My stuff came in a timely fashion, direct from Hong Kong. If you want to buy anything, CG readers get 5% off your entire purchase, using the coupon code SM5OFF3. Don’t you feel special? That’s because you are!