Gaming Site InstantAction On A Roll

From time to time, companies we’ve covered in the past check in with us to give us an update on their progress, and we’re always happy to receive those notices even if we don’t always publish something about it here. Yet sometimes, it’s definitely worth it.

For instance, InstantAction, a gaming site from IAC-owned GarageGames, has managed to cross the 1 million members mark only 9 months after we covered their launch.

InstantAction lets you play 3D games inside your browser using neither Flash or Silverlight, but instead via a proprietary Windows and Mac compatible plugin that works with games programmed in pretty much any language. The 3D graphics are awesome and the games are rather addictive.

The company also very recently announced it was making all the games free of charge for users, instead of clinging to the subscription model, a move that could explain the notable traffic surge Compete and Quantcast are reporting. Anyone who registers with the site can now get access to the games Fallen Empire Legions, Marble Blast Online, Rokkit Ball, and Think Tanks for free. Those who had previously purchased an ActionPass subscription will gain advanced access to the beta for three upcoming titles: flight-combat Ace of Aces, Lore and arcade racer Blur. They’ll also get a refund on their purchases through June 1, 2009.

So what’s your favorite gaming site, and more importantly, why?