Shout'Em wins seed funding for white-label Twitter

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Shout’Em , a sort of white-label microblogging platform that lets anyone create their own Twitter clone, has secured 350,000 Euros of seed capital from the Bicro seed fund in Croatia. Shout’Em launched publicly at Le Web last week and at the moment hosts about 1000 networks. The investment will be used to develop native applications for the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android platforms. They’ll also offer cheaper premium package prices. Shout’Em networks can be used as intranets or microblog communities. Parent company Five minutes Ltd. from Croatia is a software developer behind local photo sharing site Pticica and social networking community Trosjed. Bicro is a goverment founded 30 million Euro seed fund to support innovation and technology advacement there. Congrats guys.

  • Kuku

    Kuku very good >>

  • lab209

    Who says there is a recession on?

    If you pitch well, funding is still available :-)

  • dailytwitter

    interesting concept, i think once twitter get their act together and start to white label elements of their service, it will begin to undermine offshoots such as this – saw these guys at Le Web 08 – its a great idea – but not convinced it has legs to mainstream and really become the Ning of Twitter.


  • Jon

    Let’s see if a clone of a fad lasts longer than the actual company itself! My guess is that in a few years, Twitter will still result in a blank stare from the general public.

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

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