Toshiba rocks world with 512GB SSD

That’s a lot of gigs! Until just now, 256GB was the upper limit on SSD capacity, and chances are it’s the size you’ll be getting in your laptops and such over the next year — they’ll be available in April but probably super expensive. Toshiba, however, has decided that 256 is not enough, and has doubled the capacity of its 2.5″ drives to a massive 512GB, which rivals HDDs in size, if not in price. I have to say, the read and write speeds aren’t looking too shabby, either.

The 1.8″ form factor drives have been bumped to up to 256GB, which means you may be seeing some seriously spacious media players soon (likely expensive as well). I’ll be checking this out personally at CES in January.

[via Akihabara News]