Consumer Reports' Top 5 Smartphones list mentions neither the iPhone 3G nor G1


Say hello to the worst list you’ll read all day. It’s Consumer Reports’ idea of the Top 5 Smartphones, and I think you’ll agree that it misses the mark. There’s the Samsung Blackjack II, the T-Mobile Wing, the Motorola Q9C, the T-Mobile Shadow and the BlackBerry Pearl Flip. I’m not lying when I say that I’ve heard of, at most, like two of those phones, and I do this stuff all day long.

Missing from the list, obviously, is the iPhone 3G, which is absurd. Peter and I may hate on the iPhone 3G from time to time, but you can’t seriously tell me that the Blackjack II is a superior device.? Nor is there any love for the G1! And fully 40 percent of those phones are T-Mo exclusives. Obviously the person(s) who put this together doesn’t live so much as 30 miles north of NYC, since T-Mo up here is equivalent to stringing two tin cans together in order to make a call. (We also don’t get T-Mo 3G on our property.)

Perhaps we should take into account that Consumer Reports is primarily read by older people who are inherently afraid of technology, but I’d say this list is, at best, a little off.

via jkOnTheRun