Twilight And PostSecret Top MySpace Lists For 2008. (Taylor Swift and Mobsters Do Okay Too).

Following in the tradition of Google’s Zeitgeist and Yahoo’s list of top searches, MySpace has put together its “Top 8’s of 2008”, detailing some of the most popular artists, songs, searches, performers, and blogs on the social network in the last year.

The biggest winner overall seems to be Twilight – the vampire flick that took the world by storm earlier this winter ranked highest in terms of overall searches on MySpace as well as for the movie trailer category. Other popular search terms are unsurprisingly entertainment oriented (and stand in contrast to popular searches on Google and Yahoo, many of which were focused on the election and the Olympics).

The report also indicates which songs have fared best on MySpace’s massively popular music streaming service, which has streamed billions of songs in few months since it launched. Oddly enough, only two of the most searched-for artists on MySpace Music were in the top 8 for songs streamed, which means that some of these artists aren’t converting their popularity into listeners as well as they could be.