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Thanko presents a video watch that looks surprisingly decent

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It’s Thanko again. But this time, their new gadget, the Thanko MP4 watch [JP], seems to be quite OK (I think any Non-USB device coming from that company is a step towards the right direction). At least, it looks more interesting than the analog video watch Thanko rolled out last week.

The watch comes with a 1.8-inch color display (resolution: 160×128), a built-in speaker, a mini USB port, MP3 / WMA / AVI / JPEG support and is also equipped with a mini video camera. The camera shoots photos in 640×480 and video in VGA quality. Thanko also threw in 4GB of internal memory.


The price in Japan is $165. Expect Thanko to list the gloves in their English online store in the next days.

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