So How Much Time Do You Waste On Twitter?

Making the rounds quickly on Twitter this weekend is Tweetwasters, a site that gives you an idea of how much time you’re really ‘wasting’ posting messages and status updates to the popular micro-sharing service. Users are calculating away and tweeting about it,¬†ironically spending even more time on Twitter (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

There’s even a WordPress plugin that lets you show off your Twitter usage stats to your blog visitors, and if you try hard you might just make the Tweetwasters Hall Of Fame.

Tweetwasters estimates that a user spends about 30 seconds on creating a Tweet on average, which I think is a bit long. They multiply that by the number of Twitter messages you have produced and they provide you with the approximate number of seconds, minutes, hours or days of your life you have spent on Twitter. Of course, I assume most people spend more time reading tweets than writing them, so it’s probably way more than Tweetwasters will ever be able to tell you.

The service was obviously built for fun (by Sugarrae and ITCN), but there’s an application called Wakoopa that actually tracks your software usage continuously and provides you with a good overview of what you use the most (both for desktop and web applications) and tells you what other software you might find useful.