Best of: Stupid Android Market comments by slightly stupid people

One of the great things about Android Market is that you can see what everyone has to say about the applications they’ve downloaded. Very useful in figuring out if you should really download that app called “Alien Blood Bath” or just avoid it all together.

The system, however, is slightly flawed. It appears that no one is really moderating these comments, and they usually end up turning into heated debates on the most futile of topics. So, rather than let these little gems go to waste, we’ve run into the middle of the battle, and emerged somewhat unscathed with loads of half-baked comments for everyone to enjoy.

Note: These have been copied as-is from the Android Market, with minor censoring.

  • AndroidCan Connect: “Bored. Hit me up at *** and we’ll talk” by katie.
  • Biolines: “Like a clingy ex-girlfriend that keeps re-installing itself. Seriously, how the heck do you remove this permanently? Worst app ever.” by Erin.
  • Deflektor Remake: “Im not gonna bash it but that is no classic pac man is classic and how about the ball that breaks the blocks i forget the name arkonoid i think” by duane.
  • Zombie, Run!: “i love hot naced girls” by Robert.
  • Port Knocker: “RandumAccess you’re the biggest retard since Hilary Clinton. Go back to sticking your sisters arm up your dads **** passage” by Jamie.
  • My Med Box: “Yea this ****in blows **** and to the ladies that blow ****….hit me up at ***” by greg
  • More Cowbell!: “I need a cow bell 2 smack the developer….this shyt is stupid!!!!!” by rocky!
  • Text-to-Speech Library: “Quickest way to get friends on your g1 =” by Jerome.
  • DailyHoroscope: “Oh my god i love this very thing thay said about aries is so ture i love this keep up the work and keep up with the updates” by felicite.
  • NeoCore: “Gangsta graphics yo mabe if i could play it. O well since i cant do dat u think i can get some homegirls 2 chat with ***139gmail” by steven.

There you have it, just a small dosage of the magnificent Android Market comments. How long until someone develops an app that bricks phones for people who comment “FIRST!!!1”?