Barbie P520: It's face-meltingly pink

This one goes out to you, pink fans. I know you’re out there; every time I push a story about the latest Samsung phone being rereleased in pink, my inbox gets attacked with requests for more info. You want pink? The Barbie P520 is about as pink as they come. Seriously, look at it. That thing burns the eyes a little.

It’s not a powerhouse by any means – but if you’re interested in carrying a pink phone with a Barbie silhouette on the front, I doubt you really care. Underneath that blindingly bright exterior, it’s got a 2.0″ 240×320 touchscreen, a 1.3mp camera, FM radio support, and, somewhat surprisingly, dual SIM slots. All that, and all you have to give up is the pride lost by carrying around a very much not licensed Barbie phone. Oh, and 780 Chinese yuan ($114 USD).

(Side note: What’s up with Barbie’s face in that silhouette? Which little nub is supposed to be her nose? It’s like Barbie has massive craters for facial features.)

[Via DailyMobile]