Review: Griffin PowerDock 4

Short Version: Are you an iFamily? Got lots of iDevices between you, your iDo, and maybe some iKids? Is your house sooooo big that it’s just too much trouble to walk to where your computer is to charge said iGadgets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Griffin PowerDock 4 is 4U. If you are Brady-sized, you will need two of these.

What does it do? It charges up to 4 iPods/iPhones at a time. That’s it. Well, it looks nice while it does it, with it’s brushed aluminum shell. There is no way to sync while in the PowerDock. No audio or video outs. Just raw power. Well, not raw, but the 5V DC 500mA that iPods crave. It has inserts to fit any of the USB-chargeable models, but if you have an older one, don’t despair. Without any of the inserts, the PowerDock can accommodate the larger predecessors. They just won’t sit as securely.

We have 2 iPods and an iPhone in our house and I have only put one device at a time in the PowerDock, mostly because it looked lonely. Every iPod and iPhone comes with a charger and we tend to use them in different parts of the house with different chargers/bases/speakers. If you want a centralized place to charge your devices, here you go.

Bottom Line: It charges up to 4 iPods/iPhones. No sync. Each device came with a charger. Unless you need a centralized place to charge, spend your $70 elsewhere.

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