And now Epic Games denies that Gears of War 3 is in development


Well! So Epic Games has denied, in the harshest terms, that it has already started working on Gears of War 3. “Total nonsense,” said Epic’s Mark Rein. Fair enough, sir. Fair enough.

The rumor, which said that the game would be out by Christmas 2010 and have five-player co-op, originally started in the latest issue of EGM, no doubt a stunt to keep the magazine’s name on people’s tongues. “Man, did you read that EGM broke the Gears of War 3 story? That’s a magazine I have to read from now on!”

Would you welcome a sequel to Gears of War 2, or do you think the series has plateaued? I mean, there’s but so many ways to innovate the same basic run-n-gun concept, right?