Review: Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac

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Short Version: The Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac is a powerful, cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner that really, really sucks. It’s priced quite nicely at $65.99, too.

retrieveAllImage.aspx Overview and Features:

    • AccuCharge Technology: Longer Battery Life, Charges 2X Faster, Utilizes 70% Less Energy
    • Energy Star Approved
    • Cordless Rechargeable Convenience
    • Powerful 15.6 volt Cordless Vac
    • All Surface Cleaning: Motorized Brush for carpet cleaning and Brushroll Shutoff for safe bare floor cleaning
    • Fold-away handle for convenient storage
    • Charging stand
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • MSRP of $65.99


retrieveAllImage.aspx (1)If you hate vacuuming as much as I do, this Dirt Devil offers the path of least resistance. It’s cordless, so you don’t have to plug and unplug between every room, while at the same time being powerful enough to suck up most ordinary everyday crumbs, debris, and spills. When you’re all done, it’s got a nice little recharging base.

The vacuum works on carpet and bare floors. We have an area rug in our place but not much else that isn’t either tile or hardwood, so I’m not able to thoroughly test it on a fully carpeted room, although it seems that it’d definitely be strong enough for your average, everyday vacuuming. It’s able to grab crumbs, coffee grounds, and various other crap off of our linoleum kitchen floor with the greatest of ease. A single charge lasts about 20 minutes, which should be more than enough for most small homes and apartments.

Plus, at $65.99 you’ll likely be surprised at how well it works. I’d expect it to cost over $100 for what it’s able to do. It feels well-built and isn’t an eyesore while sitting out on its base. The handle folds down behind the container for easy storage, too.


Not too many glaring cons here. It’s loud, but that’s to be expected given how powerful it is. Also, you might find that it’s not great for tougher jobs. We use it as our main vacuum cleaner, but we don’t have any pets or children – just a boring married couple. All in all, I’ve been really impressed with this vacuum.


The Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac is a great choice if you need a powerful, yet portable vacuum cleaner for moderate cleaning in a small home or apartment.

AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac [Dirt Devil]