MSI: Touchscreen Wind at CES, ‘shocking’ 13.3-inch affordable ultraportable, no Linux in the U.S.


Aw, there I go giving away the entire post in the title again. I should have made it something like “What’s in your city’s water supply? MSI knows! Full story on the ten o’clock newscast” or something sensational like that. Oh well.

Laptop’s got some interesting info about what we’ll see from MSI at CES, including:

The currently-available Wind U100 will continue to be sold alongside the new Wind U120 — available in January. Specs between the two systems are pretty similar, except that the U120 will sport a new design and feature WiMax and 3G options.

Also available at the end of January will be the Wind U110 and Wind U115 – both will feature the new Atom Z530 chip and the U115 will have an SSD and a hard drive. The hard drive will be able to be turned off to save power, which will give the U115 a battery life rating of ten hours!

MSI will also release information about the U300, which is not a Wind computer but will be a low-priced 13.3-inch ultraportable. MSI’s Andy Tung says people will be “shocked,” according to Laptop. I’m guessing this computer will be an attempt at a direct shot across Apple’s bow as it pertains to the MacBook Air.

I’m not a touchscreen guy, but MSI will be showcasing a touchscreen Wind at CES. The company also has no plans to release Linux-based notebooks here in the states. Finally, it’s been revealed that adding more RAM to your Wind is a perfectly acceptable and normal activity and will not void your warranty.