Scientists: NVIDIA put faulty solder in new MacBook Pros

This is exactly what I feared might happen when I heard Apple was moving to a full NVIDIA solution, complete with the faulty parts that caused so many other mobile setups to croak.

A very thorough article at the Inquirer, based on analysis of a new MacBook Pro teardown by parties who wish to remain anonymous, shows that the solder bumps used in at least their test MBP are in fact the infamous high-lead solder that overheated and cracked without fail. An NVIDIA spokesperson has stated that the 9600s in MBPs use the new eutectic solder, but the tests show otherwise. There are a number of explanations for the bad solder being in the new 9600s, but none of them are good for NVIDIA or Apple . There’s no way to tell if your MBP has the bad solder, but if it starts overheating and freaking out like crazy, be assured it isn’t your fault.