Mobile to make 2012 Olympics more bloody exciting

Looking to improve upon spectators’ experiences and interactions at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, event organizers have joined forces with British Telecom to create a comprehensive mobile strategy for the Games.

Possible applications include real-time scores, fan polls, news updates, and allowing customers to pay for items 10£ and under with their mobiles. But wait, that’s not all. The partnership will also be working with LOCOG and Samsung on a possible new device for use by event staff.

Let’s recap.  One of the world’s largest telecommunications company plans to improve upon the 2012 Olympic experience by utilizing polls and RSS feeds, and maybe if we’re lucky, a new, enterprise-only handset.

Wow.  That sounds like some real improvement.  I bet plans for the most-watched opening ceremony of all-time at the 2008 Summer Olympics came out of the same sort of thorough planning.  What a great example for the kids – a major world organization and giant corporation reaching for the stars!

[via vnunet]