The $100 Coby Netbook might not be coming after all

A story broke the other day indicating that Coby – maker of cheap electronics – will start selling a $100 netbook in Rite Aids and Krogers within a matter of months. It was to be powered by a Chinese-built CPU and run a Linux distro. Well. Ars Technica is calling bull based on some holes in the story. Primarily,

this story, or any announcement regarding a netbook, was not (emphasis theirs) initiated, condoned, or approved by Coby Electronics.

The story does seem to be too good to be true. $100 netbook, built using cheap Chinese tech. Isn’t that the price point non-profits are trying to hit for developing countries but have struggled to hit? And these computers where to be sold in pharmacies and grocery stores? I, for one, wouldn’t mind if this story does in fact turn out to be an unfounded Internet rumor. More as we get it.