SaveThePlanetAndWin: Another Social Network Hoping To Make The World A Little Greener

Save The Planet And Win, a new green social network looking to help users cut back on their carbon deficits, launches today to the public.

Beyond traditional social network features like user messaging, Save The Planet And Win offers a few ways to help users keep track of and earn more carbon credits. Every week the site will offer a 30 second clip from a sponsor, who will add points to a user’s STPAW account in return for watching the ad. These points can be applied towards purchasing carbon credits, helping a particular effort like the quest for an AIDS vaccine, or can be exchanged for cash. Other features include a ‘Carbon Collective’ where groups can monitor their combined carbon reduction efforts, as well as forums for sharing green tips and ideas.

We’ve seen a few other green social networks, and while their goals are certainly admirable, they usually seem like a better fit as social network applications on larger networks like Facebook or MySpace. In June we saw Waste Management launch a green social network called Greenopolis, and we’ve also covered Zero Footprint, a site where users can manage and purchase their carbon credits.

Also see Celsias, a network that looks to keep companies honest by tracking their green initiatives, and CO2Stats, which lets users negate the environmental impact of their websites.