New Android browser 'Steel' hits the Market

It was only a few weeks ago that Opera Mini 4.2 was unleashed on the Google Android platform, and yet another browser is now surfacing by small software company kolbysoft. Steel is based off the same open-source WebKit components that the default Android web browser is based upon, so there is similar functionality between the two.


  • Multiple windows
  • Downloads
  • Configurations
  • Clear application history and cache
  • On-screen keyboard

The creation of this project is still very new, so don’t expect it to blow the Underoos off the built-in browser just yet. That said, it’s definitely an application to keep your eye on, if only for that on-screen keyboard the developer says will be in the next release. You may want to continue using the default browser for now as Steel is lacking customization settings and a few other features like overview zoom, but if you absolutely need auto-rotation, then give it a whirl.