Random things I saw at the Narita and Incheon airport

My Thanksgiving holiday was spent in Seoul visiting family, eating good food and drinking a lot. So, the only thing I really missed about a true American Thanksgiving was the deep fried turkey, stuffing and football. All of which I’m okay with having missed this year – believe it or not.

The allure of Seoul’s e-mart and Tokyo’s Akihabara have long since faded from their respective heydays and I found that the airports held much more amusing trinkets than I remember. Actually, most of the stuff I found is nothing special, they’re just strange or comical things I came across during my layovers at Incheon and Narita.

On a side note – I took my Xbox 360 with me and without thinking plugged it into a 220V with a converter and blew the power brick. Luckily a fellow at the E-mart was kind enough to find me a Korean adapter for $50. Not one of my proudest moments. Next time I’ll read the brick.

This little handwritten note tells me folks at Incheon have been looking to score an iPhone.

Remember the Mugen Pop Pop keychain I reviewed a while back? Well, this is another weird little keychain toy from Namco Bandai that simulates opening a package. I can’t read Japanese anymore, so I’m not sure what the name is, but wtf?! I guess these things sell well over there.

Nothing new here, but all sorts of “Japanese tradional” sushi USB drives were clustered together on a platter.

And here we have one of the coolest lounges I’ve had the pleasure of chillaxing in. NWA’s lounge at Narita was packed full of tasty treats and 20 or so iMacs.

Last but certainly not least is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in person. Say hello to the Facebank. I still get the chills watching this video.