Flickr Revamps Mobile Site, Adds Video Streaming Support

Flickr has released a new version of its mobile site that affords several new features, most notably the ability to stream video clips up to 90-seconds in length.

Video streaming will be initially available for only the iPhone and iPod Touch, with support for other handsets that use Webkit, Firefox Mobile, or Opera Mini to come. Previously, users could upload videos to Flickr from mobile devices but this is the first time they can actually watch them on their phones.

Mobile playback for Flickr is based on Yahoo’s Video Platform, which can serve content to various device types, screen sizes and codecs. In addition to video playback support, the new mobile site supports the favoriting of photos and videos, as well as the changing of photo permissions. Flickr doesn’t have a native application for iPhone or Android, so this mobile site is intended to be a universal access point for all device types.