T-Mobile UK cutting back prices on the G1, early adopters not getting screwed for once

If you’re in the US and just dropped $179 on your G1, you might have been a bit disappointed to hear that G1 buyers over in the UK were gettin’ them gratis on a £40-a-month (roughly $60) plan. Well, prepare for a bit more disappointment.

In preparation for the holiday season and the rush of competitive devices they’re expecting to be up against over the next few months (and not as an indication of low sales, according to T-Mo), they’ve lopped 25% off the monthly fee. Yep – £30 (roughly $45) a month nets you a G1, without the need to drop a chunk of change on the device up front.

Better yet, anybody who picked up a G1 from T-Mo UK before the price drop can get in on the deal as well, according to Pocket-Lint. While T-Mobile’s not going to go around calling people to say “Hey, want to give us less money each month?”, you can give them a ring to have your £40 monthly fee dropped down to £30. That’s £120 (or $177) a year off – in other words, roughly the price we pay for the G1 in the US. Double ouch.