MyQuire Gets Acquired, Won't Tell Us By Whom

The company behind MyQuire, a simple but pretty powerful online application that lets individuals and team members work on projects in a social network-like environment, has been recently acquired.

That’s about all we know. We got in touch with CEO Michael Dawson but he declined to comment or share any details because the buyer apparently requested full confidentiality on the deal.

A tipster shared the following e-mail he received:

We have some big news! After nearly two years of building MyQuire, we have been acquired. We have had a great time working with you, and couldn’t have gotten here without your help.

As part of this deal, we will no longer be able to operate Services on the platform will end January 1, 2009. We apologize for any disruption to your work.

The collaboration tool was first launched about 14 months ago at the DEMOFall conference but we hadn’t really heard anything from or about the company since. Even their own ‘press coverage’ and ‘press releases’ pages haven’t been updated since December 2007.

Anyone out there who knows a bit more about the acquisition?

Here’s a video of Founder and former CEO David Steinberg presenting MyQuire at DEMOFall 07: