Set Your Phones a'Jingling With Free Calls From Santa

The holiday season is officially in full swing, and Santa is prepping for his big night by offering phone calls to anyone who may need a little extra motivation to stay good through the end of the year (or who would just love to hear from the big man himself). To request a call, visit, where you’ll be able to choose from three possible voice greetings that can be directed towards any phone number.

The first call is free, while subsequent requests cost around a dollar each (depending on how many you buy at a time). Paid calls can also be made to international numbers, and can be scheduled to go out at a specified time. The site is based on the technology behind PrankDialer, and could probably be recreated fairly easily using Twilio, an API for phones that we covered last week.

Also be sure to check out The Santa Tracker on Christmas, where you’ll be able to watch him make his way around the globe in real time.