First impression of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Thumbs up


The game Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix is now available on Xbox Live Arcade (and PSN) for 1,200 Microsoft points. I bought it this morning and promptly realized two things: one, it’s tremendous and two, I’m rubbish at Street Fighter nowadays.

I played about halfway through Arcade mode before finally giving up—like I said, rubbish—but that was enough to ensure that I’ll be playing it throughout the weekend. You’ve no doubt seen screenshots, maybe a GameVideo or two, but actually playing the game, at 1080p, is something else entirely.

All the characters handle exactly as you remember—down-down/forward-forward-punch for a Hadouken, charge down for two seconds-up+punch for a Flash Kick, etc—so getting back into the swing of things shouldn’t be too hard. The Xbox 360 controller isn’t exactly made for this type of game, though, so be prepared for some awkwardness. Tapping RB for a hard punch isn’t exactly ideal. (I used one of these for the PS2 era games.)

Like I said, I only played for a few minutes (so don’t consider this a review or anything like that), less than an hour, but that was enough to know that I hadn’t wasted $12.95. If you ever a fan of the genre or the series itself before Capcom decided to make 28 versions of Street Fighter III, then you’d do well to at least grab the trial for nostalgia’s sake if nothing else.

I’d give out my GamerTag here but I’m actually embarrassed by my lack of skill. Give me a few days to brush up and we’ll fight… IN THE STREETS.