Xbox 360 hits 25 million consoles sold, a full 2 years faster than original Xbox


Kudos to Microsoft, which has tricked more people into buying the Xbox 360 then it did the original Xbox. Redmond has sold—well, is projected to sell through the end of this month—some 25 million Xbox 360s. It took the original Xbox, which launched in late 2001, five years to reach that number. Meanwhile, the plucky little 360 will hit that number a mere three years after its own late 2005 launch.

What I’d like to know: how many of these 25 million Xbox 360s are re-purchases as a result of the red ring of death? Like I said before, if my current Xbox 360 dies there’s no chance in hell I’d get another one. I’ll move exclusively to emulators—the older games are better anyway—and WoW.