iCharge eco: A green energy source for mobile gadgets (but it's Japan-only)

Tokyo-based electronics company Links International today unveiled the iCharge Eco [JP], a solar charger for multiple mobile devices that goes on sale in Japan November 29.

The iCharge measures just 107.5×51.5×15.3mm and weighs 80 grams. It delivers a current of  DC5.0 to 5.5V at 600mA and comes with a lithium polymer battery (power: 1,350mAh). Users need 15 hours to charge the iCharge battery via solar energy, 5 hours via USB and 3.5 hours via a wall adapter.

The iCharge supports a heap of portable devices (PSP, Nintendo DS/DS Lite, the iPhone 3G, various iPod models, Japanese cell phones, Blackberry models, etc.) via a number of various adapter plugs it comes with. Buyers will be able to choose between black, green, white, red, pink and blue versions.

The iCharge eco is Japan-only and costs $100.