Astro Gaming drops some console gamer-orientated bags

“Mobile Gaming” is a term that is frequently misunderstood. It’s not just about pocketable systems like the DS and Wonderswan — it’s a frame of mind. Are you the kind of person who says “I guess we can watch a movie or something” or do you say “Sweet, I’ll bring Rock Band!”? Do you reminisce about NES games, or do you keep a Nintendo in the trunk of your car with Contra and Ice Hockey just in case?

If you’re inclined to mobility but despise the inconvenience of dragging your console around in a garbage bag, maybe these bags are for you. The Mission console bag ($130) will fit a current generation console (which is to say a 360 or PS3 – a PS2 or Wii you could slide into your wallet) and all its accessories. I suppose you could put other things in there, like clothes, but that’s what regular bags are for. Their Roadie case ($100) has room for two Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitars or a lot of newspapers. Yes yes, soft cases for guitars have existed for decades, but you’re missing the point! God! Well anyway, they’ll be available December 15.