Zuberance Raises $4 Million, Lets Your Customers Work For You

Zuberance has raised $4 million in Series A funding from Emergence Capital Partners, with general partner Gordon Ritter joining its board of directors in the process.

Zuberance offers a suite of SaaS applications that enable companies to identify and track customer advocates, and mobilize them to automatically publish authentic content like reviews and testimonials to specific locations within shopping and review sites like Amazon.com, YouTube, TripAdvisor and Facebook. This effectively turns customers into a volunteer promotion workforce that shares offers with their friends and colleagues.

Zuberance customers pay a flat subscription fee for access to its On-Demand software services, based on expected levels of system usage and “other related factors”. There is, however, a one-time system configuration fee, which the company claims is typically less than 10 percent of the total amount of the annual subscription.

The Palo Alto-based startup was founded in 2006 by Rob Fuggetta, a marketer who used to advise companies like Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Verizon in the past on marketing strategy, so we assume he knows what he’s doing.