NFL to broadcast game next week in 3D (but only to 3 theaters)

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There will be an added dimension to next week’s Chargers-Raiders game. That is, there will be a third dimension. Yes, the NFL is going 3D. Can you feel the excitement?

The NFL will broadcast a game in 3D live for the first time on Sunday. The 3D broadcast will only be available to three specially equipped theaters: one in New York, one in Los Angeles and one in Boston. NFL execs and industry insiders, retailers, etc. (read: horribly boring people) are expected to be in attendance.

The companies behind the 3D tech include 3ality Digital LLC, Thomson and Real D. Real D is responsible for the 3D-ness of movies like Journey To the Center of the Earth 3D and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’m decidedly anti-3D—I think it’s silly—but if it’s what the American people want, then so be it. We’ll all be doing our best Cinderella Man impression soon enough as it is.

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