Army to utilize $50M, next-gen FPS training system; 24-hour LAN parties imminent

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The Army has been using video games to train, and recruit, for years now but in true government fashion, the system is a tad outdated. The $50 million dollar upcoming shooter however, should feature all the goodies found in today’s latest games and more. The virtual worlds are going to be huge – like 100×100 kilometers – and will allow solders to drive vehicles, pilot UAVs, and do “most anything a soldier does.” The new system has a Internet-enabled multiplayer function and can train a platoon or even a single soldier. Plus, there is the video review mode, multi-terrain options, and all the standard features us gamers have been using for years.

You know what this sounds like? Battlefield. Just saying. Did the Army spend $50M on an embellished version of Battlefield? Probably.

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