2G iPod Touch fastest "by far" of the Apple family for games

Ah, yes. Another factoid to put under the “wipes the smile off an iPhone user’s face” category. See, I don’t have anything against iPhones, but I sure have trouble with people talking as if they’re in some secret, privileged club. As it turns out, the 2G iPod Touch has an advantage of almost 100MHz over the rest of Apple’s touchables, and that makes a major difference when you’re talking games and almost certainly other apps.

The developer in this interview notes that they could put 500 more polygons on each player in their tennis game when coding for the Touch 2G, which also suggests that the graphics hardware has been clocked up as well. Of course, the Touch doubtless has less stuff taking up its RAM and cache due to not functioning as a phone and internet device as well. Makes me want one even more.
[via MacRumors]