BlackBerry Storm OS downgraded at the last minute?


Here come some numbers with decimals, so get ready. BGR is speculating that batches of the BlackBerry Storm that had been shipped with OS version may have caused some sort of glitch. And when BGR asked Verizon about the official OS version, Verizon told them it was – that’s lower than, mind you.

Turns out, your BlackBerry Storm box might have more than one sticker on it. If you’ve got version of the OS with a yellow dot sticker and you peel back the product label on the box, you might find another label underneath it that says Version:, denoting that your phone got downgraded at the last minute.

So what does this all mean? If you somehow got your hands on a Storm with OS version, it’s probably got some sort of problem serious enough for Verizon and RIM to run off a bunch of downgrades. It also means that there’s hopefully another upgrade just around the corner to take the OS above, because clearly that version was supposed to fix a bunch of stuff from

Whatever the case, if you’ve got a BlackBerry Storm and you find it to be a bit sluggish, it might be a couple of versions behind where it’s supposed to be by now. I’d think this issue would be high-priority for RIM and Verizon, so we’ll probably see some updates rolling out over the next few days.