Spreadheads plus "Today's lesson in PR pitching"

This is something that goes on your ketchup bottle and spreads the ketchup. Fine. Looks like a nose. Kind of gross. Crazy. So this is the email that comes with it:

Hello there!

We have a very nice tip for your blog,
a new product called Spread Heads.

For more details I`m submitting a PR Release,
as well as the product package / picture.

If further information is needed, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

This sounds more like a William Carlos Williams poem than a pitch. Clearly the PR person in question was using a 40 character green screen or she wouldn’t have stuffed in so many carriage returns. There is also no further information. What is it? Who sells it? All we get is a trio of two line couplets. And they say cocaine use leveling off in PR.