Digital pen airpenMini makes digitization of handwritten text easy

Japanese stationery company Pentel today unveiled its airpenMini [JP], a digital pen that uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared to record anything the user writes on a piece of paper in the built-in memory.

The pen tip features a pressure-sensitive tip and 2BM of memory, enough to store written information written on 100 pages of A5 paper. All data can be transferred to computers (Windows 2000/XP/Vista) or mobile phones and processed there, for example in the form of a digital hand-written email.

The airpenMini (size: 145×10.5mm, weight: 17 grams) costs $150 and is Japan-only at this point. It goes on sale November 28, but there is hope for a release outside Nippon since Pentel is present worldwide, for example in America.