BitGravity Testing New "Multiview" Product; This Is How I Want To Watch Sports

Content Delivery Network BitGravity is testing a new product they’re calling Multiview (at least internally) that delivers up to six different synchronized high definition video streams at once. The viewer sees the normal view but can click on any of the other views at any time, and audio is obviously synchronized. The result is this: the viewer is put in the producer’s chair, and can switch camera angles at any time.

Why would you want this? I’m speculating, but an obvious use is sporting events. Instead of watching whatever is on screen, viewers could watch particular players instead. And if a particularly interesting play happens, users can switch cameras to see it from different angles.

There are other obvious uses for this too. As usual, the pornography industry may be the first to try it out.

This is also a view into the future, where video breaks away from the bonds of broadcast television. The Internet is interactive – so let viewers interact.

To see a Multiview test, go here, which shows a driving trip from six different camera angles (it’s Google street view on steroids). Not sure if they’ll keep this live now that we’re pointing to it.

Note that the BitGravity guys are known for doing random stuff to show off their network. But from what we hear, Multiview is being productized.